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Frontline Staff Workshops

It provides participants with the necessary skills and strategies to respond to clients and customers confidently, effectively and efficiently. We have some interesting programmes for the frontline staff wherein we cover topics such as service excellence, customer interaction processes, complaint handling, Team handling skills, etc.

Supervisory Skills Workshops

This series of workshops will enable supervisors to develop and refine skills needed for effective management of resources. This in turn will help them in strengthening the present and building the future organizational goals. This workshop includes programmes like Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Corporate Etiquettes for New/Young Supervisors, etc.

Excellence Series

Excellence series of workshops focus on developing and enhancing superior leadership and management skills which form the foundation of any successful business. Our excellence series covers Business excellence, Leadership excellence, Personal development, Behavioural series and Sales and customer service training.


Modules Education Sector

We understand the significance of the Education sector and hence we have created some unique modules for schools and colleges. Campus to Corporate, Unleashing Number One, CARE, Sign off and SEED are a few programmes we have at Maxires, that will cater to the various needs of the corporate industry.


Signature Modules

At Maxires, we provide a few signature modules that are uniquely defined to understand and improve various corporate requirements. These modules include UNO, RACE, PROFIT, etc.