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Signature Modules

  • UNO is a signature program that focuses on team building, bonding and bringing in synergy between the teams. This program has been defined so keeping in mind those issues faced among teams and to relegate them. This is aimed at developing tools that will aid the teams post training program to arrive at multiple solution points for issues that might be confronted at work place as well as in the personal front. This program also aims at working with individuals with an aim to provide team bonding as well as individual development and mental makeup.

  • Telephone is a cost effective way of developing relationships and companies. LAICP is a signature programme dedicated for telemarketers, to help them control a call, build report and develop effective call dialogues. It also enables them to use the right words that would lead to an appointment from objection. Many sales people don’t understand that objections are a beneficial start on a sales pitch. To make them handle every objection positively is the main objective of the program.

  • In today’s increasingly complex business environment, singularly important resource for any organization is quality Manpower. The biggest challenge faced by recruiters is not the dearth of quality candidates but the lack of focus or skill sets in identifying the right candidates and selling the opportunity to them. RACE will enable recruiters to strategize, design and implement ready to use recruitment tools. This module will focus on the criticality of on-time recruitment with right competencies and will enable participants to sell careers effectively, thus improving both the recruitment as well as retention rates.

  • Key Account Management is a strategic business approach with the objective of ensuring long-term and sustainable business development through profitable partnerships with strategically important customers. Successful Key Account Management requires the development of an organizational culture that facilitates both radical innovation and cross functional working relationship. This module on KAM focuses on the nuances involved, how to strategize and position one’s company and the product, differentiation and individual strategy for decision makers as individuals and as a unit.

  • Our signature program “PROFIT”, is a well structured sales process that can be used for sales of both tangibles & intangibles. While it allows the learner to learn the right sequence of sales process, it also educates the supervisor from two perspectives – to have a paradigm shift from bottom focused to “Measure Inputs, Manage Output” and also help teams to plug gaps on skill on various aspects of sales process and draw developmental plans. This signature module will also help sales oriented organizations to build a wall around their customers and will provide the cutting edge difference in acquiring & retaining customers.

  • Managing people and their “feelings” are an integral part of a leader and hence it is important that the leader understand the nuances of team formation and also embrace realities of life and draw balance between work and life. As new members come in and vintage members stay, it becomes even more challenging for leader to maintain the fabric and also to scale results. “DSTAR” is a signature module to enhance the team building and managing ability of the supervisors/leaders. The programme provides a framework that will increase the ability of leaders to form highly effective and generative teams enabling them better participation in planning, problem solving and decision making.