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RACE – Recruit to Accelerate Career Excellence

Maxires aims at maximizing results comes with many differentiators and as stated earlier to partner with the clients in providing custom made module, handling the most complex issues that plagues the industry today and providing end to end solutions.
One of the key challenges that we have in the industry is to recruit the right kind of talent. Such kind of talent is far and few in the market place. Hence it’s imperative that the recruiters learn the “Art of Cherry Picking”, the ability and skill to pick up top line employees for the organization.
Maxires believes in no one size fits all and hence all modules are made as per the industry and client specific requirement. In fact we offer our expertise to help organization arrive at competencies to look for and prioritized competencies which would help teams meet business goals and also would provide pipe line for future leadership.
Maxires offers its expertise on art of cherry picking program which are a blend of outbound and inbound through its VAK methodology, the one that suits for adult learning. The pay off for attending the 2 day workshop is as follows.

Pay off:

Through the structured approach that the client and Maxires adopt, it is certain that the following will be achieved.

  • Sharper recruiting skills and also understanding the 4 stages of recruitment process
  • Importance of funnel, sourcing, Sifting a CV and interview process
  • Preparing to conduct a interview and art of questioning
  • Understanding the importance of appreciative inquiry and selection through elimination.