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Outlook FY 15-16

Season’s Greetings.

Maxires wishes all its clients and its human asset a very happy new year and very prosperous financial year to come by.

The euphoria of elections in the country, delayed but a good monsoon, mood of the public being positive shown in the sensex movement northwards are good indications for any business manager to look at the year to come by with positivity, productivity and profitability.

However, if we were to go by, wishes were horses; the business scenario would also look good and enticing. The facts that are listed below aren’t auguring well. In the macro scenario, Chinese slow down, country’s debt problems, European slow down and japans return to recession are adding to the woes, at the macroeconomic level. In the microeconomic scenario, there is logjam that is witnessed in the infra, BFSI, retail and automobile. Given these facts, it will be a tepid year of growth which would help if our country’s GDP grows around 5.5% for the year.

One good thing that we did as a country is that while other countries kept on adding stimulus to inflate the economy, we didn’t go for the big bang. Added to the fact that we are still at large agriculture based economy and rain gods are expected to favor us over next two years as per met forecast, Indian economy is much more stable and will record growth in the year to come by. Added to this is the depreciation of money and hence pharmaceuticals and automobile should do well in both domestic and international markets. The cut in CRR is also a good move in the right direction.

Few sectors and reasons that would do well in this year and hence hard nosed focus is required in these sectors:


Life Sciences


Chemical Industries





Sales organizations will prefer to increase variable pay basis performance, may be the best compensation portrait in the last few years offered. Service organizations will need training and consulting work at the entry point level as well as for those employees whose career is less than 8 years. High attrition will be the norm in sales and service sector predominantly and hence quick to boot kind of induction programs will gain importance and priority.

Early leaders program with focus on people and productivity skills will be a immediate requirement right through the year. Consulting work in the new businesses that would come up in this year. Hospitality and related industries such as QSR, new budget hotels, hotels and resorts in remote places as well as new and upcoming retirement communities will be another scope for deepening.

Strategic tie ups may be on the exclusivity angle would be preferred by corporates to sign up on a long term basis.

Maxires wishes the very best in the financial year to come by and look forward to a year of growth both top line and bottom line.


Keep Smiling and Stay Winning.



This article is been written by Dev. Dev is a business training leader with two decades of experience. He is a business focused training management professional with the ability to conceptualise training programs and impart training that enables business development. He is strategy oriented; fully business focused and business enabling training professional – capable of identifying key impact bottom-line affecting factors and training to meet organizational objectives.