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First Time Managers

Maxires offers its expertise through coaches who have been business leaders and managed large teams across the country both in close quarters and virtually. Organizations promote good performing employees to the next level. They are promoted with an expectation that they would be able to clone their juniors in terms of performance and productivity thereof. The results down the line are exactly the opposite, at times or isn’t in line with what one would have expected of the role. It boils down many things such as being sensitive; believe in interdependence and art of developing and mastering the finer art of managing which is much different from supervision.

In today’s challenging business scenario, the vital key to success lies in inter personal skills of the team and how well the team has come together as one unit to achieve the common objective. Inter – personal skills, by the first time managers forms the central part of any successful organization thus building the camaraderie between teams. This also helps organization in achieving more because everyone is unifocused in achieving the common objective. It also helps in the understanding of each other, nuances of fine relationship building within the department which is very vital in the current business scenario and team formation.

First time managers bring about a high degree of energy and passion within the team which would eventually result in added profitability to the organization. At times this energy could be raw and brash. Hence the new leaders need to understand each employee within the department helps in giving the right communication to the customers and also helps each individual identify their contributory role towards other departments in order to achieve customer delight. This would hold a lot of relevance and significance in the maritime industry where inter – personal skills of the team members are pivotal in delivering the right solution to customers.

Maxires offers its expertise on team building programs which are a blend of outbound and inbound through its VAK methodology, the one that suits for adult learning. The pay off for attending the 2 day workshop is as follows.

Pay off:

Through the structured approach that the client and Maxires adopt, it is certain that the following will be achieved.

  • Enhancement of participant’s managerial competencies, skill sets and usage of different leadership styles to manage people and business complexities.
  • Enhanced imagery of the company represented by their employees and leadership.