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1. Total loyalty is possible only when fidelity is emptied of all concrete content, from which changes of mind might naturally arise.

Hannah Arendt (1906-75) U.S. political philosopher. The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951)


2. Almost all our relationship begin and most of them continue as forms of mutual exploitation.

  1. H. Auden (1907-73) U.S. poet. The Dyers Hand (1963)


3. What job is worth the enormous psychic cost of following a leader who values loyalty in the narrowest sense.

Warren Bennis (b.1925) U.S. educator and writer. On Becoming a Leader (1989)


4. In extending and exploring my own horizons, I have not desired my country. It is possible to transcend nationality but very few people are entirely disenthralled from political events.

Conrad Black (b.1944) Canadian newspaper proprietor and business executive. A Life in Progress (1993)


5. Today Professionalism is almost a byword for loyalty towards personal mercenary aims. Yet no great achievement is ever possible without a focus of loyalty which transcends the individual self.

  1. K. Chakraborty (b.1957) Indian academic. Management by Values: Towards Cultural Congruence (1991)


6. A useless piece of plastic.

Carlos Criado-Perez (b.1952) Argentinian business executive. Referring to retailer Safeway’s customer loyalty card which was dropped by the author. Sunday Times (London) (July 2000)


7. Make yourself necessary to someone.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-82) U.S. essayist, lecturer and poet. The Conduct of Life (1860)


8. Good customers are an asset which, when well managed and served, will return a handsome lifetime income stream for the company.

Philip Kotler (b.1931) U.S. marketing management thinker. Marketing Management (1967)


9. The future will be a future of more and more intensified relationships, especially in industrial marketing, but also increasingly in frequently-purchased consumer goods.

Theodore Levitt (b.1925) U.S. management theorist, writer and editor. Marketing Imagination (1993)


10. Demand sincerity.

Arthur Lydiard (b.1917) New Zealand track coach. Running to the Top (co-written with Garth Gilmour; 1995)


11. There’s a significant shift away from mere spontaneity…we want to be a regular part of people’s lives.

Carl Lyons (b.1970) British marketing director of Referring to’s efforts to build repeat business.  Marketing (August 2000)


12. What I want is men who will support me when I am in the wrong.

Lord Melbourne (1779-1848) British prime minister. 1839. Quoted in Lord M (David Cecil; 1954), vol. 2


13. Forget loyalty. Or at least to one’s corporation. Try loyalty to your Rolodex-your network-instead.

Tom Peters (b.1942) U.S. management consultant and author. Economist (1996)


14. GM reportedly has 14 million GM credit card holders being contacted, questioned, tabulated, tracked and romanced each month when the credit card statement is delivered.

Stan Rapp, U.S. advertising executive and cofounder of Rapp Collins. The New Maxi-Marketing (co-written with Thomas L. Collins; 1995)


15. Partisanship is our great curse. We too readily assume that everything has two sides and that it is our duty to be on one or the other.

James Harvey Robinson (1863-1936) U.S. historian and educator. The Mind in the Making (1921)


16. The need for a form of enterprise which could command trust and loyalty…was only one facet of a broader need: the rising world of trade needed a moral system.

Nathan Rosenberg (b.1927) U.S. economist. How the West Grew Rich: The Economic Transformation of the Industrial World (co-written with L. E. Birdzell, JR.; 1986)


17. Increasingly our society does not see social obligation as the primary obligation is loyalty to the corporation.

John Ralston Saul (b.1947) Canadian writer. The Unconscious Civilization (1995)


18. The marathon is my only girlfriend. I gie her everything I have.

Toshihiko Seko (b.19560 Japanese athlete. Quoted in Running with the Legends (Michael Sandrock; 1996)


19. Loyalty programmes will turn conventional markets into lock-in markets.

Carl Shapiro (b.1955) U.S. academic and author. Information Rules (co-written with Hal L. Varian; 1999)


20. All of our long-term suppliers are very profitable.

Marcus Sieff (1913-2001) British president of Marks & Spencer. Quoted in The Winning Streak (David Clutterbuck and Walter Goldsmith; 1984)


21. The primarily rule of business success is loyalty to your employer. That’s all right as a theory. What is the matter with loyalty to yourself?

Mark Twain (1835-1910) U.S. writer. 1901. Quoted in East Valley Tribune (2000)


22. Loyalty saves the wear and tear of making daily decisions as to what is best to do.

Thomas J. Watson, SR. (1874-1956) U.S. founder and president of IBM. Quoted in Think (William Rogers; 1972)


23. I walk into all these organizations, and I’m always puzzled when I realize that people still want to be there. Most people really want to love their organizations. We need that level of commitment…Yet organizations have done very little to deserve that kind of staying-power.

Walter Wriston (b.1919) U.S. banker. Interview with Scott London, U.S. National Public Radio (November 1996)