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1. The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.Robert Frost (1874-1963) U.S. poet. Attrib.


2 .A common core of personal and social abilities has proven to be the key ingredient in people’s success: emotional intelligence.

Daniel Goleman (b.1946) U.S. behavioral scientist, journalist and author. Working with Emotional Intelligence (1998)


3. All intellectual improvement arises from leisure.

Samuel Johnson (1709-84) British poet, lexicographer, essayist and critic. Quoted in Alexandra Stoddard’s Book of Days (Alexandra Stoddard; 1997)


4. Even in a hierarchy people can be equal as thinkers.Nancy Kline (b.1946) U.S. author, educator and consultant. Time to Think (1999)


5. Thinking is the endeavor to capture reality by means of ideas.

Jose Ortega Y Gasset (1883-1955) Spanish author and philosopher. The Dehumanization of Art (1925)


6. Anti-intellectual has long been the anti-Semitism of the businessman.

Arthur Schlesinger, JR. (b.1917) U.S. historian, writer and educator. Partisan Review (1953)


7. Intelligence…is really a kind of taste: taste in ideas.

Susan Sontag (b.1933) U.S. novelist and essayist. 1964. “Notes on ‘Camp,’” Against Interpretation (1966)


8. This is the age of intellectual capital, and the most valuable parts of job are the human tasks: sensing, judging, creating, building relationships.

Thomas A. Stewart (b.1948) U.S. journalist and author. “Brain Power: Who Owns It…How They Profit From It,” Fortune (1997)


9. Intellectual capital is the sum of everything everybody in a company knows that gives it a competitive edge.

Thomas A. Stewart (b.1948) U.S. journalist and author. Intellectual Capital (1997)


10. Intelligence becomes an asset when some useful order is created out of free-floating brainpower.

Thomas A. Stewart (b.1948) U.S. journalist and author. Intellectual Capital (1997)