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  1. Science finds, industry applies, man conforms.Anonymous. 1933. Subtitle of the guidebook to the Chicago World Fair.


  1. In developing our industrial strategy for the period ahead, we have had the benefit of much experience. Almost everything has been tried at least once.Tony Benn (b.1925) British politician. Quoted in “Sayings of the Week,” Observer (London) (March 17, 1974)


  1. It is an axiom, enforced by all the experience of the ages, that they who rule industrially will rule politically.Aneurin Bevan (1897-1960) British politician. Quoted in Aneurin Bevan (Michael Foot; 1962), vol 1


  1. Man is a tool-using animal…Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all.Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881) British historian and essayist. Sartor Resartus (1834)


  1. We do need a sense of urgency in our outlook in our regeneration of industry and enterprise, because otherwise what really worries me is that we are going to end up as a fourth-rate country and I don’t want to see that.Prince Charles (b.1948) British prince. Speech, Edinburgh, New Scotsman (November 27, 1985)


  1. Our wages are lower, our holidays are shorter, our working hours are longer-simply because we produce less per man employed. Unless we put this right we risk becoming the peasants of the Western world.Michael Clapham (1912-2002) British business executive. Quoted in “Sayings of the Year,” Observer (London) (December 30, 1973)


  1. “Tis sweet to know that stocks will standWhen we with daisies lie,That commerce will continue,And trades as briskly fly.Emily Dickinson (1830-86) U.S. poet. Quoted in The Poems of Emily Dickinson (Thomas H. Johnson, ed.; 1955)


  1. I cannot consent that the laws regulating the industry of a great nation should be made the shuttlecock of party strife.Benjamin Disraeli (1804-81) British prime minister and novelist. Speech, House of Commons (February 11, 1851)


  1. The danger of the past was that men became robots.Erich Fromm (1900-80) U.S. psychoanalyst and social philosopher. The Sane Society (1955)


  1. In every rank, or great or small,“Tis industry supports us all.John Gay (1685-1732) English playwright and poet. Fables: Second Series (1738)


  1. The task of industry is continuously, year on year, to make more and better things, using less of the world’s resources.John Harvey-Jones (B.1924) British management adviser, author and former chairman of ICI. Making It Happen (1988)


  1. The difficulty is that we have an industrial base with so many characteristics of an industrial museum or of an industrial hospital.Barry Owen Jones (b.1932) Australian politician. Quoted in “Sayings of the Week,” Sydney Morning Herald (July 12, 1986)


  1. The high social costs of British industrialization reflect the shock of unpreparedness and the strange notion that wages and conditions of labor came from a voluntary agreement between free agents.David S. Landes (b.1924) U.S. economic historian. Referring to industry’s exploitation of the work force, especially of women and children during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The Wealth and Poverty os Nations (1998)


  1. In Canada and Australia trade has definitely tended to follow the flag.J. Mackinder (1861-1947) British politician and geographer. Britain and the British Seas (1902)


  1. My personal feeling is that the first markets for multimedia applications will be in the fields of education and business.Minoru Makihara (b.1930) Japanese president of Mitsubishi Corporation. Interview, Strategy + Business (Joel Kurtzman; January-March 1996)


  1. Everywhere in the world the industrial regime tends to make the unorganized or unorganizable individual, the pauper, into the victim of a kind of human sacrifice offered to the gods of civilization.Jacques Maritain (1882-1973) French philosopher. Reflections on America (1958)


  1. In the pre-capitalist stages of society, commerce rules industry. The reverse is true of modern society.Karl Marx (1818-83) German political and economic philosopher. Das Kapital (1895)


  1. Consumption…is synonymous with use; and is, in fact, the great end and object of industry.John Ramsay McCulloch (1789-1864) British statistician and political economist. Principles of Political Economy (1825)


  1. The successful conduct of an industrial enterprise requires two quite distinct qualifications: fidelity and zeal.John Stuart Mill (1806-73) British economist and philosopher. Principles of Political Economy (1848)


  1. Industry is limited by capital.John Stuart Mill (1806-73) British economist and philosopher. Principles of Political Economy (1848) bk. 1,ch. 5


  1. In place of “industry,” I suggest an alternative more appropriate term: “business ecosystem.” The term circumscribes the microeconomics of intense coevolution coalescing around innovative ideas.James F. Moore (b.1948) U.S. writer and business consultant. The Death of Competition (1997)


  1. We have created an industrial order geared to automation, where feeble-mindedness, native or acquired, is necessary for docile productivity in the factory; and where a pervasive neurosis is the final gift of the meaningless life which issues forth at the other end.Lewis Mumford (1895-1990) U.S. social thinker and writer. The Conduct of Life (1951)


  1. The cost of the electronics in a modern car now exceeds the cost of its steel.Nicholas Negroponte (b.1943) U.S. academic, cofounder and director of MIT Media Laboratory. Being Digital (1995)


  1. Since the introduction of inanimate mechanism into British manufactories, man, with few exceptions, has been treated as a secondary and inferior machine; and far more attention has been given to perfect the raw materials of wood and metals than those of body and mind.Robert Owen (1771-1858) British industrialist and social reformer. A New View of Society (1813)


  1. Of course, certain industries will become redundant. But if you ask, “Will Internet wash out print media?”-no, I don’t think so.Kerry Packer (b.1937) Australian entrepreneur and chairman of Consolidated Press Holdings. “There are More Advantages in India than in China,” Rediff (Neena Haridas; 2000)


  1. If we did not have such a thing as an airplane today, we would probably create something the size of NASA to make one.Ross Perot (b.1930) U.S. entrepreneur, venture capitalist and politician. Newsweek (1986)


  1. It takes five years to develop a new car in this country. Heck, we won World War II in four years.Ross Perot (b.1930) U.S. entrepreneur, venture capitalist and politician. Quoted in Thriving on Chaos (Tom Peters; 1987)


  1. People always want to call it “the industry.” It’s not an industry now. It was.Otto Preminger (1906-86) U.S. movie producer and director. Referring to the motion picture business. Interview Films Illustrated (January 1980)


  1. It takes more than industry to industrialize.W. Rostow (b.1916) U.S. economist. The Stages of Economic Growth (1960), ch. 3


  1. Before the earth could become an industrial garbage can it had forst to become a research laboratory.Theodore Roszak (1933-81) U.S. historian, writer, and editor. Where the Wasteland Ends (1972)


  1. Properly, urban-industrialization must be regarded an experiment. And if the scientific spirit has taught us anything of value, it is that honest experiments may well fail.Theodore Roszak (1933-81) U.S. historian, writer, and editor. Where the Wasteland Ends (1972), Introduction



  1. Life without industry is guilt, industry without art is brutality.John Ruskin (1819-1900) British art critic and writer. Lectures on Art (1870)


  1. I do not want the company to become a mass production line.Sayyid Khalid Bin Hamad Bin Hamoud Al Bu Said (b.1965) Omani entrepreneur. Referring to production of the world’s most expensive perfume. Forbes (March 2000)


  1. Rough, honest industry, and smiling peace, Thus plant, thus build and give the land increase.Richard Savage (1697?-1743) English poet. Of Public Spirit (1736)



  1. Modern industry seems to be inefficient to a degree that surpasses one’s enduring powers of imagination. Its inefficiency therefore remains unnoticed.F. Schumacher (1911-77) British economist and conservationist. Small is Beautiful (1973)


  1. The most striking thing about modern industry is that it requires so much and accomplishes so little.F. Schumacher (1911-77) British economist and conservationist. Small is Beautiful (1973)


  1. The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.F. Skinner (1904-90) U.S. psychologist. Contingencies of Reinforcement (1969)


  1. Any rigidity by an automobile manufacturer, no matter how large or how well established, is severely penalized in the market.Alfred P. Sloan (1875-1966) U.S. president of General Motors. My Years with General Motors (1964)


  1. There is no resting place for an enterprise in a competitive economy.Alfred P. Sloan (1875-1966) U.S. president of General Motors. My Years with General Motors (1964)


  1. This extraordinary metal, the soul of every manufacture, and the mainspring perhaps of civilized society.Samuel Smiles (1812-1904) Scottish social reformer and writer. Referring to iron. Men of Invention and Industry (1884)


  1. The City is a machine miraculously organized for extracting gold from the seas, airs, clouds, from barren lands, holds of ships, mines, plantations, cottage hearth-stone, trees and rock.

Christina Stead (1902-83) Australian writer. “The Sensitive Goldfish,” The Salzburg Tales (1934)


  1. After all the maxims and systems of trade and commerce, a stander-by would think the affairs of the world were ridiculously contrived.

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) Irish writer and satirist. Thoughts on Various Subjects (1711)


  1. You can’t spend your time trying to figure out why the market is what it is at any given moment, but there is a general belief that the Internet and the Information Revolution is a fundamental revolution.Jay S. Walker, U.S. entrepreneur, founder of and C.E.O. of Walker Digital Corporation. “It’s a Completely New Way of Buying,” Business Week (Diane Brady; 1999)


  1. Industry does nothing but produce scarce things.Leon Walras (1834-1910) French economist. Elements of Pure Economics (1874-77), pt. 1


  1. The two sides of industry have traditionally always regarded each other in Britain with the greatest possible loathing, mistrust and contempt. They are both absolutely right.Auberon Waugh (1939-2001) British writer and journalist. Private Eye (December 16, 1983)


  1. What will Britain’s service industry be servicing when there is no hardware, when no wealth is actually being produced. We will be servicing presumably the product of wealth by others.Arnold Weinstock (1924-2002) British managing  director of General Electric Company. International Management (December 1985)


  1. The industrial world is a spontaneous organization for transmuting what every man has into what he desires, wholly irrespective of what his desires may be.Philip H. Wicksteed (1844-1927) U.S. scholar and economist. The Common Sense of Political Economy (1933)


  1. Industry is the root of all ugliness.Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) Irish writer and wit. Phrases and philosophies for the Use of the Young (1894)


  1. For years I thought what was good for our country was good for General Motors and vice versa. The difference did not exist. Our company is too big. It goes with the welfare of the country.Charles E. Wilson (1890-1961) U.S. politician and president of General Motors. Statement to U.S. Senate committee, January 1953. Quoted in New York Times (February 24, 1953)