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Doing Business in Latin America

1. By combining better economic policies with a greater educational effort, per capita income in Latin America could be 20 percent higher within a decade and in two decades 50 percent higher than it would be without such strategies.

Anonymous Inter-American Development Bank report, Financial Times (London) (September 15, 1997)


2. We may not be a tiger yet but we are already a jaguar.

Anonymous. Referring to the Chilean economy. Quoted in Worth (August 1995)


3. Since economies in the process of organization lack resources to dynamize is right to accept the aid of all who want to run with us the risks of the marvelous adventure that is progress.

Roberto Campos (1917-2001) Brazilian politician and economist. Speech, Mackenzie University, Sao Paulo, Brazil (December 22, 1966)


4. People complaining about Brazil’s economy today don’t have any perspective on how much better things have gotten.

Luiz Cezar Fernandes, Brazilian banker and founder of Brazilian investment bank Banco Pactual. Quoted in Wall Street Journal (May 17, 1996)


5. The private sector needs more investment but also better wages, more jobs but also more training, better infrastructure but also more education.

Carlos Fuentes (b.1928) Mexican writer. A New Time for Mexico (1994)


6. The United States is glad to manipulate cheap Mexican labor, chastising it in days of crisis, accepting it in boom times, and always maintaining the police fiction of an impregnable border.

Carlos Fuentes (b.1928) Mexican writer. A New Time for Mexico (1994)


7. U.S. capital is more tightly concentrated in Latin America itself; a handful of concerns control the overwhelming majority of investments.

Eduardo Galeano (b.1940) Uruguayan writer and journalist. Open Veins of Latin America (1971), pt. 2, ch. 5


8. Focusing on Latin America, there’s no doubt that every country in the region is very awake to the opportunity of the Internet…Of all the regions the growth in information technology spending is number two, spending on Web commerce is predicted to be, just within three years, at over $10 billion.

Bill Gates (b.1955) U.S. entrepreneur, chairman and C.E.O. of Microsoft Speech, Enterprise Solutions Conference, Miami, Florida (March 21, 2000)


9. Multinationals are no longer immune from violence in Mexico. I personally know of seven American chief executives that have looked at the wrong end of a weapon in Mexico.

Morton Palmer, U.S. head of Palmer Associates security consultants. Quoted in Wall Street Journal (October 29, 1996)