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1. We specialize in the wholly impossible.

Nannie Burroughs (1883-1961) U.S. educator and journalist. Motto of the National Training School for Girls in Washington. Quoted in Black Women in White America (1972)


2. It is so tempting to try the most difficult thing possible.

Jennie Churchill (1854-1921) U.S. socialite and writer. Quoted in Daily Chronicle (July 8, 1909)


3. In a stable world, knowledge of standard situations and the routing ways of dealing with them is sufficient. Not so in a changing world…judgements from the past may be inadequate, misleading, and dangerous.

Edward De Bono (b.1933) British creative-thinking theorist, educator, and writer. “Away with the Gang of Three,” Guardian (London) (January 25, 1997)


4. You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.

Walt Disney (1901-66) U.S. entertainment entrepreneur and founder of the Walt Disney Company. Attrib.


5. Never talk defeat. Use words like hope, belief, faith, victory.

Brendan Kenelly (b.1936) Irish poet and academic. The Power of Positive Thinking (1952)


6. If we see light at the end of the tunnel, it’s the light of the oncoming train.

Robert Lowell (1917-77) U.S. poet. Day by Day (1977)


7. In every difficult situation is potential value. Believe this, then begin looking for it.

Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993) U.S. religious leader. Positive Thinking Every Day (1995)


8. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962) U.S. reformer, author, and first lady. You Learn by Living (1960)


9. When the sea was calm, all boats alike Show’d mastership in floating.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) English poet and playwright. Coriolanus (1623), Act 4, Scene 1


10. I relished the challenge of working on the lowest circulations in Fleet Street in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Trish Wadley (b.1962) Australian marketing director. “Independently Minded,” Independent (London) (Poppy Brech; 2000)